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Summer Fun

SUMMER FUN Summer Fun We hope you are having a wonderful summer and that you and your families and friends are enjoying some rest, warm sun and fun gatherings! These first photos are from Fr Maria Joseph’s visit to the Bay Area. Father shared his joy and his message of

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A Missing Puzzle Piece

A MISSING PUZZLE PIECE A Missing Puzzle Piece “Because change is always possible, renewal is always waiting, and hope is never dead.”  – James Martin, SJ We are still so excited about our February visit to India! Our supporters who traveled with us to Gurap gave us a wonderful opportunity

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Growing and changing

GROWING AND CHANGING Growing and Changing   I can quote numbers and tell you all about how St Xavier’s Gurap has grown, but these before and after pictures of our students speak volumes! Our students are growing up, growing in confidence and growing their minds. The handsome young man in

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Spotlight on a Santal Tribe Member

Spotlight on a Santal Tribe Member – Meet Durga Mardi Prianca Sharan | March 24, 2023 My home of America is often described as a melting pot, where different cultures swirl and sludge together into one emulsified entity. In my experience, America is more a land that lets you celebrate

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A Happy Journey

A Happy Journey Original post by Annette Venables | March 14, 2023     Smiles! Smiles! Smiles! Children in the yard and on the rooftop, with their teachers, their families and their American friends! We celebrated the girls’ dormitory, the older students’ English and the oldest students’ dreams; but it’s the youngest children who are the heralds of a

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The Journey Continues

The Journey Continues Original post by Annette Venables | February 1, 2023 Heading Back to India We are so excited to be heading back to India—our first trip since November 2019! To say a lot has happened in that time is the understatement of the century. Global events aside… We

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