The Latest: A little hope goes a long way​

The Santal parents have asked for more education!

  • Construction is set to begin on the high school in early Spring 2021.

  • The Indian government has given full-approval vs. provisional (year-to-year) for building the high school.

  • New and rising student registrations have prompted the Jesuit community to expand the plan for the high school to accommodate a larger student body.

  • During the Covid lockdown, potatoes and rice were planted and harvested to support the future nutritional needs of the students and the community.

  • An auditory language lab was up and running and introducing students to introductory English skills.

  • The children were gifted track outfits, color coordinated by class, in order to provide them with a sense of unity and dignity when gathering with other local schools for events.

  • The teachers and staff were gifted coordinating, professional clothing for participation in teacher days and other local school programming.

  • The children were also gifted other new clothing and school supplies, including books.

  • The school was gifted goats.

  • Over 200 coconut trees were planted to provide shade, refreshing drink, and snacks, as well as to establish the perimeter of the St Xavier’s campus.

  • Playground (filled in, fencing, uniforms and PE)

  • Computer Lab and Sound System

  • More sanitary bathrooms

  • First Aid Office and hygiene education

  • Caregiver for the youngest/2nd cook

  • Closed Circuit Cameras (cable)

  • Fire safety equipment

  • Washing machine

  • Revitalizing the pond—in progress

  • Painting and beautification of the school—in progress 

Even after the schools are built, scholarships will ensure that children and their families can afford to stay on year after year.

Families are required to make a small monthly contribution to their children’s education regardless of scholarships or funding from any source.

*Check donations can be made payable to: 


Please send checks to: 

35 MILLER AVE #185