2023 Donors and Sponsors

Sponsor of Generational Change



Sponsor of Joy


Sponsor of Hope


Ellie and Steve Reiter

Sponsor of Community


Crystal and Chris Sacca
Carole and Darwin Williams

Sponsor of Learning


Lucille and Michael Quigley
Celeste and Scott Chapman
Todd Brody and Katherine Ching Brody
Thomas and Deirdre Goetze
Heffernan Insurance Brokers
Lily and Connor O’Neill
Katharine and David Spencer
Ruth Collins
Barbara Chambers
Susan Chelini
Pam and Matt Coan
Venables Bell + Partners
Wealthspire Advisors
Michael and Jeanne Jefferies
Lori and Tim Rathje
Sonia Jackson Myles/Sister Accord

Sponsor of Life


Caron Stapleton and Rob Phillips
Jennifer and Marc Paletta
Christopher Murphy
Beverlee Bentley
Trisha and Jim Garlock
Kate and Crockett Jeffers
Leah and Peter Karp
Susan Sauer and Robert Hirata
Fr. Patrick Michaels
Gerard Braet
Catherine Greene and Uli Schmitz
Ann and Fabio Aversa
Jacqueline Bacon
Jane Mraz
Adrienne Puech
Kalpana Reddy
Maria Aversa
Suzanna Holzer
Rotary Club of Mill Valley
Dick and Joanne Spotswood
Amy Thomas
Mary Jane Burke
Jill and David Thornton
Camille and Laurent Martin
Will and Airin McGinness
Susan and Michael Morison
Moira Conzelman

Linda Gregory
Marybeth Colman
Joseph and Gail Angiulo
Onnie Blackburn
Sue and Jack Boland
Jim and Bbarbara Derich
Justin deTray
Deborah and Jonathan Goldman
Molly Hartle
Erich Joiner/Tool of North America
Ruth Lynch
Bonnie Manning
Paula and TJ Nelsen
Pasha Group
Phillips, Spallas & Angstadt, LLP
Stephanie and Chris Plante
Jed Smith
Miracle Mile
Peter and Leah Karp
La Ginestra
Marcy St. John
Irene and Peter Tabet

Sponsor of Education


Dot and James Devitt
Phyllis E Manning
Michele Mason
Anne Zwagerman
Terry and Jim Nevin
Britt Ryan
Ahtossa and Rick Fullerton
Jan and Joe Hiti
Michelle and Jason Nelson
Anne and Carlos Fretes
Tammy Edmonson and Ethan Schulman
Jane and Michael Scurich
Sandra Dhuey
Linda Menkin
Gina Carneiro
Glenn Leach
Jovita and Ed Addeo
Brady Arnone
Kyle Chambers
Bridget McManus
Elena Sabla
Kathleen Lynaugh
Maureen Young and Tim Shore
Bella Marin

Susan Gunn-Glanville
Sheila and Craig Allen
Cate and Jim DeGraw
Robert and Kay DeMattei
Victoria Forrester
Michael and Christine Freda
Ellyn and David Gardner
Stephanie and Phil Gatto
Drs. Charles and Gretchen Gooding MD
Mary Janigian
Susan Elizabeth Krauss
Katie and Mark McManus
Margaret Moster
Justin Pitcher
Lidia and Doug Pringle
Beverly Quenville
Joseph Reilly
The Bunnie and Jerome Sachs Family Foundation
Andrea and Mateo Vargas
Diane and Bob Wagner
Paula Zwagerman

Sponsor of Opportunity

(up to $499)

Patricia Doyle
David Grant
Allison and Amit Jayakaran
Anne Elise Lansdown
Phyllis Manning
Colette Potter
Amelia Wright
Ann Oberg
Roni Crews
Claire Colvin
Lisa and Mike Kuczkowski
Jacqueline and Robert O’Donnell
Barbara and Tom Sabido
Sunitha Reddy
Scott and Amory Donohue
Kara Noel Humphreys
Susan and John Lawlor
Aness Pogni
Aimee and Jeff Saunders
Cynthia Prosterman/Tamalpais Travel
Marie Lavin and Thomas Faimali
Ashley and Riley Hurd
Althea Thigpen
Kent and Lisan Campbell
Elizabeth Suzuki
Gabrielle Tierney
Barbara and Hank Cavalier

Allyson Douglass
Dziugas Dzikaras
Linda Engelen
Jane Hall
Kimberly Jessup
Jackie and Randall Lee
Hector Lopez and Amy Lovelace
Kathy Malaney
Liam Mayclem
Emily Moore
Olyvia Rakshit and Santosh Sharan
Carmel Keane
Joyce Wilson
Laura and Brian Diecks
Estelita Adanza
Tina and Sal Agati
Karen Beale
Cherrie Boyer
Connie Hanson
Penny Harwood
Kristin and Mike Jackson
Megan Jones
Linda and Jim Robinson-Gay
Denise Young
Shann Allcroft

Vivian Broadway-Firmage
Greg Dedona
Concetta Agati
Margaret Bluth
Linda Davis
Catherine Dillon
Phebe Gregson
Carla Martin
David Matson
Emmanuel Orjuela
Julie Reinganum
Maureen and Greg Ryan
Sarah Torp
Paul and Tracy Wilkes
Linda Jones
Sarah and Harlan Kennedy
Angel and Brian Moore
Carmen Zeni and Yves Lavenne
Sarah McNeil
Kaitlyn and Jesse Kenefic
Rosina Caleca
Cyd and Paul Keser
Paula Venables and Alex Palmieri

2023 Tributes

Ann and Fabio Aversa in memory of Jack Itakura
Gina Carneiro in memory of Peter Carneiro
Susan Chelini in memory of John Chelini
Kathleen Lynaugh in memory of My sister
Adrienne Puech in memory of My deceased parents
Amelia Wright in memory of Edward Wright
Jacqueline and Robert O’Donnell in memory of Mary Koontz & Margaret O’Donnell
Marybeth Colman in memory of Raymond Colman
Annette and Paul Venables in memory of Anna Alicata
Annette and Paul Venables in memory of Evelyne Norris
Annette and Paul Venables in honor of Concetta Agati
Susan Gunn-Glanville in memory of Keith Gunn Glanville
Colette Potter in honor of The Potters in honour of Katharine and David Spencer
Linda Jones in memory of Evelyne Norris
Vivian Broadway-Firmage in memory of Evelyne Norris
Kalpana Reddy in honor of 1.Prabhavathi Gorantla 2. Aparna Reddy
Gabrielle Tierney in honor of Katharine and David Spencer
Patricia Doyle in honor of My grandsons
Angel and Brian Moore in honor of Ruby & Elio Bond
David Grant in memory of Patricia
Allyson Douglass in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel , Mill Valley and my Nana
Kaitlyn Kenefic in honor of Jesus